Taking a Deeper Understanding on the Various Types of Drug Testing


Should you own a company or in case you are to apply for a work in a well-established company, the need to secure or undergo drug testing such as alcohol and drug testing will definitely be needed due to a number of reasons, which should concern the safety of employees and reduce the drug abuse incidents among employees. There really is a number of benefits that an individual will get from a company that is strict in complying drug testing and some of which include promoting discipline, positive attitudes, professionalism, employee productivity, satisfaction and even improve the work culture.

In this article, we will be discussing the types of drug testing that you should know about so you will be guided accordingly with what to look up to as long as drug testing is concerned.

Generally speaking, there is a number of drug testing like hair alcohol testing that you could find and we will only be discussing the main things that is common in a company, the first one being is the pre-employment drug testing, which is to ensure that the growth and profitability of the organization is sustained. So the reason why pre-employment drug testing is vital is because this will secure that the people who will be picked out from the list of applicants will only be those who are capable of providing profit and efficiency across the board.

Because all of the employees who will be picked out is carefully chosen, the security and effectiveness of the progress work-wise will be achieved, as well as secure that the company guidelines will be followed by the employees carefully. With this, the company should be able to save health insurance and medical treatment should accidents related to such will occur.

Another type of drug testing that we will be discussing is the random drug testing and as the name defines it to be, this is about organizations performing random drug testing to employees without the intention to tell everyone ahead so as to ensure that people who tend to work under the influence of drugs will be free from future injuries, risk, security lapses, and even damages.

Should there are instances where a specific number or numbers of employees are found to be performing patterns that indicate the presence of drugs in their systems, a specific type of drug testing will be performed, which is the reasonable suspicion drug testing. If the said employee is found to be using a specific type of drug, then a certain decision will then be followed and carried on.

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